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I have been following the thoughts on this guest book and have been re-awakened to my own birthing experiences to the benefit of my daughter who is now suffering post partum depression in the hospital under very good care. I feel so much better that she was wise enough to seek professional help and has so many friends, loving husband, supporters. It is a real situation that is dealt with the earlier the better. God be with all and deep appreciation for continuing to reach out.
-Su An, Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Sandra - I just wanted to thank you for writing to the "Mother to Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book." I just had twins 8 weeks ago and postpartum honestly set in the 2nd night in the hospital but I seriously lost my mind within the first month.

Luckily, my husband had taken time off from work to help with the babies and upon witnessing my anxiety attacks, lack of appetite, reluctantcy to hold the twins he called my OBGYN. I promptly sought therapy and medication and am feeling much better. Also thanks to my husband he ordered your book online and it helped me tremendously. I could relate to at least one aspect of postpartum in each story and it helped me feel not alone. I have my good days and bad days but I know I will heal in the near future and love my children the way I'm supposed to. Sincerely,

-Brenda, Watertown, MA

I also experience PPD after my first-born child. It was a planned pregnancy; there were no surprises in my pregnancy. I can still remember some of the feelings that I had a year and a half ago. I just wanted to go to bed and never wake up again. I remember trying to come up with a solution to my problem (my baby). I felt that my family and friends were so excited about him that if they were given the choice to chose either me or him, they would chose him. Therefore, I wanted to end my life because I felt that both of us could not live together forever. Hearing him cry would make me squirm, and I would look at him with disgust. I remember telling my husband the first morning back at home from delivery, "We made a mistake. I don't know what we were thinking having a baby." I eventually had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a week for proper medication and counseling. It took several months for the PPD to slowly wean itself away. Today, I never thought I could love something as much as I do my son. He is so precious!
-Shea Martin, Helena, AR

I would like to thank all of the women who do not remain silent and tell the story of their terrible war with PPD. I too battled this war with my first child. I almost lost a few times, but my hubsand and family helped pull me through. That year was ripped away from me and now I am hoping to fight back by sharing my story and increasing awareness about PPD. I feel women need to be educated about the darkness that may come postpartum. KEEP FIGHTING AND KEEP SHARING!! Together we can change the face of PPD!

I am, too, a survivor of PPD. My son will be four years old in 10 days and I suffered from PPD for about 1 1/2 years. It was and had been the worst thing ever to happen to me. I am a mother of two. I have a 9y old and my 3y old, who was born with pneumonia and hospitalized for 2 1/2 months. I struggled very hard at keeping it a secret from friends and family, not knowing how supportive they were going to be. My pastor was the best help that I could ever have had. I would love to add an excerpt into the new book. I am currently a breastfeeding counselor for our local WIC office and speak with women all the time about PPD and its affects.
-Earlisha Jefferson, Cahokia, IL

Hi, Sandra. Some years ago – I think it was way back in 2000 – I was a member of Postpartum Support International, and you put out a call for survivors of PPD to share their stories for possible inclusion in a book you were working on. I welcomed the opportunity to write down my thoughts and experiences as a PPD survivor, finding it very cathartic. So I typed up my answers to your questions, sent them to you, and saved a copy which I filed away.

That was a lifetime ago. My children are now almost ten years older. I’ve moved (regretfully) beyond the childbearing years and have faced new challenges – one child is now in college, one has been diagnosed with autism, we now homeschool, and life looks very different from the way it did when I was young and having babies.

Recently I was going through a box of papers and came across the copy that I’d saved when I completed your questionnaire. I decided to see what happened with your book, and when I googled your name, there it was. As luck would have it, my library just happened to have a copy of it. I will freely admit that I was shamelessly interested in whether any part of my story had made the cut (yup, I’m in there), but I became completely caught up in reading others’ accounts that in many ways were strikingly similar to my own. It is ironic – maybe even cruel – that a mother with PPD is certain she is alone, certain she is the only one who has ever felt this way, when not only are there countless mothers out there with PPD but so many of their stories have common threads. The accounts in your book are so candid, so honest, so *real* – a mother who needs affirmation that she is not alone will surely find it in reading your book.

I’m grateful to you for including my story but, more than that, for writing the book. I firmly believe that an awareness of PPD is critical in preventing it – we who have been there must bring it out of the shadows and help provide hope and encouragement to those who are struggling with it today.

-Lucy Watson, Pawling, New York

Hi Sandy, I loved your book, during my struggle with PPD when I was able to I would read a little bit of your book every day. Just hearing other women with similar symtoms would make you feel like you are not alone. Thank you for writing such a great book - it gave me support and made me a stronger person. Today I am back to myself thank G-d and enjoying every day with my beautiful baby boy.
-Shari Rappaport, Long Island, New York

Hi Sandy, I have your book, love it, and have been reading and re-reading it everyday. I still have days where I feel paticularly anxious, and am currently being treated for PPD with medication. I literally took your book with me wherever I went this past month when I was suffering the most. One day my mom started reading some of it and immediately said "Yeah, so many of these women sound just like you-wow." But I am feeling a bit better every day thank God! Thank you for creating The Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book. Your passion for helping women through this book is so helpful and inspirational.
-Margaret L, Phoenix, Arizona

I just recently gave birth to my second son on April 27, 2008. I am going through PPD once again, as I did three years ago with my first son. It is hell again, and hate the fact that I feel this way. I know that with time I will be better again. Right now I am in need of support and resources to get me through this once more.
-Lezley Mount, Monmouth, IL

I can't tell you how much it has affected me to know that there was a book on the issue of post partum depression just floating out there just for me. Your story has impacted my life and has touched my heart in a very powerful way, along with all of the other women's stories. I can't thank you enough for writing this book, for taking the time, tears and energy out of your life to write this inspiring wonderful and blessed book that I'm sure has affected thousands of women.

I literally went thru hell and back, and thank the Lord that I have my "mind" back…and also my physical stamina is returning. I had a severe case of mono thru my PPD and could not sleep for eight weeks, therefore, making my mind escape me and my body depleted to the point that I became suicidal. I was hospitalized for 6 days in a psychiatric hospital and did out-patient counseling for nearly 6 weeks. Thank God for my wonderful and supportive husband and mother who stood by me every step of the way. I am finally beginning to feel like me again.

Thank you again for your courage, your kindness and loving words of encouragement throughout your book, and God bless all of those women who choose to step out and tell their story. It has meant more to me than you will ever know.

-Jaana Flaherty, Keller, TX

Even though I am recovered I still read your book. PPD, which I suffered from severely, is still a huge part of my life now – and probably always will be – and it feels good to me to see where I was and where I am now. I can see myself in so many of the different women in you book. It's been said before and before, but it IS good to know that you're not the only one who suffered from PPD and that there is indeed recovery. Thanks!!!
-Kerstin, Eugene, OR

Thank you so much for compiling these personal stories of PPD survival into one truly encouraging and supportive book. I am still in the process of recovering from severe PPD and this book has become my Bible. Whenever I am feeling discouraged, I read a couple pages in the book and am again reminded that others have faced the same situation that I am currently in and have gotten better. There is no therapy or drug that is more helpful than knowing that others have "been there". This book has given me the strength and hope that things can and WILL get better. I'm fighting this disease and am determined to win!!
-Sarah, St Paul, MN

I will certainly go tomorrow and buy this book as I am on the path of recovery of PPD and I believe it is important to learn that there is light at the end of the tunnel and what a better way than to hear it from successful woman who had defeated this illness. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts in advance.
-Sandy, Canada

I am currently recovering from a severe post partum depression. It was my indenial that leads me to the mental hospital. Thanks to my OB Dr. who save my life and my family's happiness. My next move is to join a support group and help in awareness campaign about PPD.
-Kimberly C, Rockamrt, GA

Since my recovery from postpartum psychosis, I have become a member of Postpartum Support International and moderate a peer support group in my home town. It's been very therapeutic to talk about what happened to me…my melt-down from the baby blues to severe postpartum depression to eventual hospitalization for a pyschotic break.

I like your book a lot Sandra. I believe bringing stories of recovery to light is one way to give mothers hope that with treatment, they can heal from postpartum mood disorders. We have three copies of Mother-to-Mother in our group library, and I have loaned it to many moms recovering from PPD. It is essential for survivors to be willing to share their experiences, and your book is very balanced with very personal stories.

-Sarah F, Hobart, Indiana

Before I read "Mother to Mother", I thought "no one really feels this way to their own babies…I must be a freak." But then I read your book and discovered other mothers had my exact thoughts and symptoms. Now I can finally open up to my husband and doctor. I feel as though a big weight has been lifted. Thank you so much!
-Lauribeth K, Rockford, Illinois

If you saw my son and I playing in the park, you might think what a beautiful bond we have.However, this was not the case in the beginning. After my son was born, I thought I was losing my mind. I was sooo tired and I cried all the time. I just wanted to be alone and sleep for days, but my body/mind could not rest. Every night I would go to bed thinking I would wake up in a mental hospital. After a rough pregnancy and traumatic delivery I just wanted to escape. I suffered anxiety attacks on my way to work. Long story short...I saw my doctor and was prescribed anti depressant medication, and I'm in a much better place now.

Now that I've recovered, I don't get as mad anymore, at women who have "wonderful deliveries" and bounce right back from childbirth. I just wish we women were not "expected" to bounce back!!!

Thank you for your book, which lets women know that it is okay to admit what they are feeling with PPD. Those women should know they will become stronger when they admit their symptoms and get help. Just know that no matter how bad you might feel today, it will go away and your bond with your baby will be stronger because you survived PPD!!!

-Angie B, Lafayette, Lousiana

I survived postpartum anxiety and OCD with my first born and we are expecting our second baby in June. I just wanted to say a big thank you to you Sandra for sharing these women's incredible stories of strength and recovery in the face of such adversity. I loved the way the book seemed to cover all facets of PPD. Although I am fearful of the prospect of suffering with PPD again after the birth of my second child I know I will gain strength and companionship from the women's voices in your wonderful book.
-Danielle, Ottawa, Canada

Because of your book, I have found a level of forgiveness for myself from the terrible thoughts that I had. Your book has given me fodder for my therapy and also helped me realize that all the times I thought I was a bad mother, that was the depression talking, not me. Reading "Mother to Mother", I found so many personal accounts where other mom's seem to peg exactly what I was going through. I am now passionate about helping new moms know they have sources and ways to survive this and they don't have to be alone like I was. One thing is for sure. I want to design a bumper sticker that says "I am a PPD Survivor!." With Respect and Admiration,
-Colleen M, Dallas Texas

I had a baby boy nine months ago, and I felt something was wrong a week after he was born. I was extremely overwhelmed by the responsiblity. Insomnia and anxiety riddled me. I would not sleep at night and the insomnia became obsessive. I didn't understand why this was happening to me. I have always been such a strong person and have got through anything. I never suffered from anxiety or depression before.

After much trial and error I finally found a doctor that knew what he was talking about when it came to PPD. I'm on an anti depressant now that is finally working. I have five friends who have all just had babies, and all of them are coping so well. I feel like screaming! Why didn't I feel that way? I can't help but resent them. Every day is still a battle, but I know that I will recover. After reading your book with all the stories from mothers who did recover, I know that one day I'll be better. Your book has given me hope!

My husband said to me "what you are going through makes you special and unique and your bond with our son will be even more special because you will appreciate him so much more." I believe this.

For those moms out there suffering from PPD, we will get better. Love to you all and God Bless. Thanks so much for your great book Sandy!

-Leigh N, South Africa

I am now on the road to recovery from experiencing terrifying months of postpartum depression. My baby boy is seven months old. He is my first. After three weeks of surviving on an hour or less of sleep per night, my sisters took me to a hospital. Over the past several months I have seen many therapists, who have all had different opinions as to what would help me and what was wrong with me. I felt so alone. I couldn't drive so my mom came to stay with me and took me to all the therapist appointments. I am finally starting to feel better as the current anti depressant medication prescribed to me is lifting the fog.

I recently discovered your "Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book" where mothers have shared their stories. I wish so much that I would have read it months ago! I could not believe when the first chapter started off with insomnia. It was like I was reading the words that I wrote. Why didn't my psychiatrist let me know or realize that sleeping problems could get this bad and is a common symptom of PPD? Instead she made me feel that I have an unusual major case of insomnia!

Thanks again Sandy, I am so grateful for the support that "The Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book: Real Stories from Women Who Lived Through It and Recovered" has provided me.

-Debbie, Pittsburgh, PA

Sandy, thank you so much for your great passion to help moms recover from PPD. I began to feel so helpless and isolated when my baby girl turned four months old. I looked for help and found none. Friends are too busy with their own lives and we don't have family living near us. By chance, I saw your book in the children's area of a local library. What a surprise! I picked it up and started reading it right away. My goodness! The words in the book were the same as those deep in my heart...I just haven't had the chance to tell anyone yet. The next couple days I finished reading the whole book and felt so relieved and encouraged. I know I'm not alone, and I know my PPD will pass. And by reading "Mother-to-Mother" my husband has become more supportive and understanding of my depression. Thanks a lot, my sister!
-Demi Hu, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Whe I suffered from postpartum depression, I felt so robbed by my body. No mother should ever look at her baby and feel those negative feelings. I hate my body for putting me through that as much as I love the very body that bore my two beautiful healthy babies. I hope no woman ever loses ten months with their little ones, like I did. I will never get that time back.

I promise you one thing…if I had a way of making sure that every woman having a baby could receive a copy of "Mother to Mother" when they leave the hospital after giving birth…I would make it happen. Even woman who don't suffer need to read it so they can be more understanding. I have more hurtful comments made by fellow mothers who never went through it then anybody else, that is a fact! So thanks to you for your book. It is a gift that you have provided real life stories. It is going to help so many people. It is a true blessing. And thank goodness for everyone who helps get the word out about this illness.

-Michelle Elliott, McMinnville, Oregon

The Mother-to-Mother Postpartum Depression Support Book has been essential to my ongoing recovery from PPD. Hearing women who've been through it tell their stories has given me much more faith than all the well-meaning "You'll get betters" from doctors and friends. Without this book, I know I would be having a far, far harder time getting back to being me. I hope all women with PPD and their loved ones read it.
-Jenny Veit, Minneapolis, Minnesota

To say that this is a small world, would not capture the moment I met Ms. Poulin at Postpartum Support International's 20th Annual Conference in New Jersey. On the way to the PSI luncheon one day, I started talking to Sandy by chance, not knowing who she was. I couldn't believe I was talking to the woman who wrote such an incredible support book. I was someone who was afraid to speak up about what was happening to me (PPD.) I happened to find her book, and it has helped me on my road to finding the care I needed tremendously. Reading Mother-to-Mother was like opening my diary, it all sounded so familiar. What a comfort to know that this book is out there...
-Jennifer Ferraro, RN, Mastic, New York

I was eagerly awaiting your book shipment so that I could use them to give my clients with postpartum depression. I've given it to two women recently and they both loved it! They said Mother-to-Mother was so helpful, that it was easy for them to recognize their own experiences through the mothers in the book, and it was such a relief to them to know they weren't alone. Thank you for writing this book!
-Suzanne Swanson, Ph.D., L.P, St Paul, Minnesota

First off, I just want to let you know that I read your book every day to remind myself that I will get well. I commend you for writing this book. What a beautiful thing you have done. It is nice to know that the process I am going through is normal. Although I wouldn't wish this postpartum depression on anyone in the world, I know that I will recover now and that is mainly from reading your book. How wonderful all the mothers are for particating in your book, and I'm so grateful you took the time to write it. "Mother to Mother" has been a key factor in my recovery process.
-Ann Marie, Arizona

Sandy, thank you for your caring spirit to make life better for those at risk for or experiencing perinatal depression. Also, thank you to the women who shared their stories now bringing comfort and reassurance to women and families. Mother-to-Mother is a wonderful book for moms and is a must read for those supporting moms-to-be and mothers everywhere. At the Postpartum Resource Center of New York we are pleased to suggest your book to everyone.
-Sonia Murdock, West Islip, New York

I cannot begin to express how it feels to see my words about this experience bound in print like this. To say it's very validating doesn't even begin to capture it. Thank you, though those words seem insignificant, for giving me and all the moms in the book and reading it a voice. This should be the book at doctors' offices, for doctors to read so they can begin to understand. I'll be sure to promote the book as an educational, and deep from the heart truth telling, tool for moms and medical professionals alike. Thank you, Sandy.
-Diane A., Hawaii

Thank you, Sandy, for helping me through my PPD. I live in New Jersey and searched and searched for a support group and found nothing at the time I most needed it - in crisis. I finally found your book while browsing in a store and finished it one sitting. Some of the excerpts should have had my name on top. I was a pleasure meeting you at the PSI conference and thank you for being a part of saving my life and I'm sure many others!
-Kathy Elleo, Wyckoff, New Jersey

Sandy, having founded Families for Depression Awareness to help families recognize and cope with depressive disorders through Family Profile stories and education, I am truly impressed with your book. The postpartum time is when most women, if they are going to experience depression, do. These stories help mothers and their partners understand that they are not alone and help is available.
-Julie Totten, Waltham, Massachusetts

Your book will help so many women realize that they are not alone. With this knowledge and support, they will be able to begin their journey to health and well being. Thank you for your courage. Best Wishes,
-Debbie Waxman, Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner/Self Help Instructor, Gilbert, Arizona

Sandy, for many years you've shown the love, compassion, heart and soul to make your book happen. You are an inspiration to others, and I'm so proud of you, "my angel." Congratulations! Love,
-Caren Krasno, Eastridge, Tennessee

Sandy, I am so very proud of you. It is unbelivable what you went through and as always you can make something negative into a positive. Your persitence and hard work on this subject has paid off for you and many women in this world. Thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to society.
-Kelly Secker, Dallas, Texas

Sandy! Congratulations on your book. We saw your interview on CBS 11 and you were amazing! You were my inspiration as we went through invitro & pregnancy and then that terrifying moment when we brought our son home. I know how hard you worked on this book, it's hugely important that people understand how dangerous and prevelant PPD is, and that we support new moms through it all. We are so proud of you! The Smith family is doing well and we send our love to you, and your family!
-Kristen Smith, Ovilla, Texas

I've always known myself to be intelligent, efficient, positive, thoughtful and kind...what I didn't know is that PPD doesn't care about any of that. Your book will help many new moms!
-Tenley Coulter, Fleming Island, Florida

Watching you as a Mom taught me more than you'll ever know. Most of all, I learned to be the best Mom, sometimes you have to ask for help. You truly are a role model and positive influence for everyone who knows you. You're such a wonderful person and I am so glad God has blessed me with your friendship!
-Melissa Bennett, The Poulin's Nanny, Amarillo, Texas

Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment! Having had known you since the age of 12, you were the last person I thought would experience postpartum depression. I am so glad to have read your book because it opened my eyes up and taught me so much about PPD. Because of your efforts and sincere concern for humanity, your book is going to help so many women and families all over the world. I am so proud to be your friend. Love,
-Annette O'Brien, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am a recovering postpartum psychosis stay at home mon of 3 boys soon to be 4. It is great a blessing to have someone to write a book like this. I am a firm believer in meds and therapy, I see my doctor every month and a nurse visits my home at least twice a month. Those three days that I spent in a mental hospital really opened my eyes. There is hope and happiness out there.
-Sherri O., Mount Pearl, Newfoundland Canada

Congratulations, Sandy, on a much needed discussion of a critical topic. Having known you for so many years, I have always felt the warmth of your concern for others. Thanks, for giving so much to this project, and our very best wishes.
-Neil and Lynne Sperry, Neil Sperry's Texas Gardening Show, KRLD/Texas State Network

Congratulations on your new book! I wish you HUGE success, because I know this was a labor of love.
-Karen Mitchell, J.D. and group chair for Vistage, the world's largest CEO membership organization. Colorodo Springs, Colorodo

Wow! Your dream of helping others with PPD is finally a reality, my friend. I am so proud of you for your recovery, determination, and awesome spirit and wonderful friendship. Love,
-Gail Martinez, Weatherford, Texas

Congratulations on your beautiful and important book. Women who suffer from postpartum depression will benefit because you had the courage to share your struggle and encouraged others to do so as well. Best Wishes,
-Jodi Glater, Lakewood, Colorodo

This is a very needed and helpful work. Thank you for your courage, time and focused attention that you put into this area of family health. I plan to forward this website to all my seniors at SDSU in the School of Nursing, 12 of whom are in women's health settings. With warm regards,
-Gail Reiner, Imperial Beach, California

Congratulations on your enormous accomplishment! Years ago, I witnessed your struggle with postpartum depression which springboarded you into great action. Since that time, you have opened your heart to others who experienced what you went through.

After countless hours of hard work and dedication, you birthed a book and website, two resources containing valuable information and the gift of hope.

Postpartum depression is real. The stories in your book are a contribution to all including those at risk and the healthcare professionals responsible for their care. You have made our world a better place. With love and admiration.

-Terri Krasno Cohee RN, BSN, Neonatal ICU

Sandy, so proud of you. I know you went through A LOT and worked for years gathering information for your book. I'm certain many, many moms and others will benefit from your efforts. (And for sure, this good work will get you into heaven!) Website is beautiful, too. Congratualtions on this amazing accomplishment.
-Sandra Friedman, Past President, Association for Humanistic Psychology

Sandy, with your courage and determination, women around the world are going to benefit. Your heart, passion and soul are so clearly visible now. Congratulations on your journey coming to fruition. Through this book you are making an impact on the world.
-Chris Valletta, friend and contestant on "The Apprentice" Television Show, and author of the soon to be released book "Team Works! An On The Field Playbook for Building Business Teams that Win" with Foreword by Donald Trump.

Dear Sandy - As the Founder of Postpartum Support International and a survivor of ppd, I want to thank you with all my heart for your dedication and hard work to bring the voices of postpartum women to the world. Your book is a major contribution to our movements' literature. Well done!
-Jane Honikman, Santa Barbara, California USA


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