Grassroots Postpartum Depression Poster

Help Spread the Word

Please help distribute Postpartum Depression International's new poster.

The poster features the headline, "The #1 complication of pregnancy is depression."

Help get the word out about Postpartum Depression to new mothers everywhere. Often times a new mother is unfamiliar with PPD, and doesn't realize she needs help until she's fallen deeply into Postpartum Depression.

The new PSI Poster, which is 11" x 17", can help alert mothers quickly, and perhaps lessen the severity of Postpartum Depression if she seeks help sooner rather than later.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to make a difference and help educate women and community providers about PPD.

Feel free to distribute these posters to hospital OB departments and staff lounges, health clinics, OB and pediatrician offices (especially where "new baby" checkups occur), your local mental health branch, public health nursing department, doula programs, infant/toddler programs, Church or Synagogue bulletins, Mother Clubs, and any facility serving new mothers.

Feel free to print flyers of the poster art, 81/2"x11".

To order free posters, call Postpartum Support International at (805) 967-7636, or email

Poster used with permission from Postpartum Support International. Creation, printing and P&H funded by Dr. Robert and Mary Ellen Logan.

Print PPD flyers

To order free posters, call Postpartum Support International, (805) 967-7636.